Teaching English to Buddist Monks


In Cambodia, Buddhism is a religion of nation. 95% of the Cambodians believe in Theravada Buddhism, and the monks hold an important place in society. As known, for Cambodians, Buddhism is more than just a religion. Pagoda’s (Buddhist temples) are also important for education, many monks have the opportunity to study which they would not if they were not monks. During the Khmer Rouge time, the majority of monks have been killed and nearly all temples have been destroyed. But afterwards, Buddhism once again became the state religion and every Buddhist boy is expected to to become a monk for a period in his life. Volunteer conducting English language classes in the pagodas.


Volunteers' responsibilities

Volunteer teach approximately 3-4 hours per day. Volunteer teach English to the monks, both old and young monks. The level of English will vary dependent on which class that are assigned. Most importance is to improve their basic English and conversational skills. Volunteers should be prepared lesson plan for each lesson. It is important to note that monks are highly respected.


  • Culturally sensitive and flexible are requested in this program.
  • Volunteer should have strong English fluency for both written and verbal.
  • Volunteers should have a love for teaching and conversation.
  • No previous teaching experience is required. 


Project Locations

Phnom Penh: 

Phnom Penh is the capital of Cambodia with a population of about 1.5 million people. Phnom Penh is a very international city, you will find a lot of western bars, supermarkets offer western articles, and especially the riverside is the spot for diplomats, travelers and international NGO-workers. But of course, you will also find the Cambodian Culture everywhere in the city. Walk around the different markets, try the food of the food stalls at the street or just walk around the streets, there is really always something to explore.

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Siem Reap: 

Set in North West Cambodia, Siem Reap is best known for being home to the incredible Angkor ruins with the magnificent Angkor Wat as the focal point. While the complex is surely one of the globe's most amazing historical sites, the Siem Reap province is also home to an array of other ruins, such as Beng Mealea and Bantaey Srei.

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Start Dates: Every first and third Monday of each month

Minimum Stay:  4 weeks

Duration: 4-24 weeks

Accommodation: Volunteer Guesthouse

Cost and Application Process

What's Included

  • Pre-departure information
  • Airport pick up
  • Volunteer Handbook
  • Food and accommodations (3 meals a day)
  • A fixed contact person from the program, who will stay in contact with you, answer all your questions
  • 24 hour emergency contact
  • One day orientation plus city tour
  • Onsite Coordinator
  • A certificate after successfully complete the project

What's Not Included

  • Flights to/from Home
  • Local transportation to and from project site
  • International Medical Insurance
  • Cambodia visa costs


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