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Application process

1. Complete the online application form of AVN.

2. You will receive a welcome email from us acknowledging your application.

3. If your application is accepted, we will then send your placement information within 3-7 working days.

4. Send reservation fee to reserve your Volunteering Project.

5. After sending us the registration fee we will provide you pre-departure information. You can view your trip details and ask us any questions you may have. The program fee is payable on arrival in Cambodia.


You will find that the Asia Volunteer Network's program fees are among the lowest available. Cambodia is a country of great need and therefore it is more important to us that we are able to produce great volunteers rather than great profits. Our fees are very affordable in comparison to other programs. With the small fee that you provide we are able to help support the following activities:

  • Administration and Cambodian salary support
  • Food and accommodation for volunteers

  • Donation to AVN's Network and the working place

  • Rent and maintenance of office space

  • Telephone, e-mail, website

  • Local Advertisement and printing materials

  • Orientation, City Tour and Welcome Dinner

  • Accounting and legal services

  • Support Coordinator and volunteer field expenses, including local transport, and management

  • Coordination with local partners

  • Government tax

 Price: Please email us for the price details.